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07 May 2019In the Wake of Handel: The Impact of Handel on 300 Years of British Culture
02 April 2019Now You See It, Now You Don’t – The Art of Visual Deception
05 March 2019The History of Windsor Castle and its Royal Occupants, 1080 to the present day
05 February 2019Whitehall - the Road to Power and Glory
04 December 2018The Christmas Story in Medieval Art
06 November 2018Foreigners in London 1520-1677: the artists who changed the course of British Art

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In the Wake of Handel: The Impact of Handel on 300 Years of British Culture Peter Medhurst Tuesday 07 May 2019

Despite his German birth and his Italian musical training, Handel remains one of the most important composers that England ever nurtured. Not only did his music have direct influence on his musical contemporaries, but his larger-than-life personality had a profound effect on the literary, visual and decorative arts as well – both in his lifetime and after his death, in 1759.

By exploring the works of the French sculptor Roubiliac, the paintings of Hudson and Denner, the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, the novels of Samuel Butler, the Crystal Palace, the chimes of Westminster, musical accompaniment to this lecture will include compositions by Sullivan and Tippett, to assess the cultural influences Handel had on a nation, as he once wrote, “from whom I have receiv’d so Generous a protection”.

Music performed may include: Handel in the Strand – P Grainger, Tune Your Harps from Esther – GF Handel, My Voice Shalt Thou Hear Betimes, O Lord – J Corfe, This Helmet I Suppose was Meant to Ward off Blows from Princess Ida – AS Sullivan.