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03 September 2019Guerra! Guerra! Music, the Arts and War: 1800-2000
01 October 2019Old Buildings, Fakes and Fallacies

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Guerra! Guerra! Music, the Arts and War: 1800-2000 Daniel Snowman Tuesday 03 September 2019

Art has often been stimulated by war, from the Iliad and Aeneid to novels such as War and Peace, the poetry of Wilfred Owen, the visual images of Goya’s Horrors of War, Picasso’s Guernica, Henry Moore’s huddled masses and the sculpture of countless war memorials. Then there’s music. Upbeat anthems like the Marseillaise or choruses belting out “Guerra! Guerra!” in operas such as Aida, and the sadness of Nimrod every year at the Cenotaph.

As we reflect on the anniversaries of World War I and II, this lecture examines the links between war and the arts over the past two centuries. This lecture is richly illustrated with imagery taken from throughout Europe, and also draws upon the emotions (sometimes disturbing, sometimes comforting) evoked by music, drama, literature and opera.