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11 June 2019On Cupboards and in Drawers
02 July 2019The Boy who bit Picasso
03 September 2019Guerra! Guerra! Music, the Arts and War: 1800-2000
01 October 2019Old Buildings, Fakes and Fallacies

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On Cupboards and in Drawers Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski Tuesday 11 June 2019

A door is not a door “when it’s ajar”; so when is a cupboard not a cupboard and why were tills in rather than on counters? How did the chest with drawers become the chest of drawers and where do ‘withdrawing’ cupboards fit into all this?

This lecture will answer these conundrums through an explanation of the development of cupboards and chests of drawers in terms of their use, social significant, and their construction and decoration from medieval times to the 18th century.